1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University 1st Faculty of Medicine Charles University Department of Paediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders
kelifova 12.03.2021

Current information

We will adapt the mode of teaching according to the actual epidemiological situation in Prague/Czech Republic and PES (anti-epidemic system) risk score.

Organization of teaching and studies take place as e-learning with the combination of clinical praxis, including simulation sessions in person at the departments and on-line teaching.

In connection with a directive issued by the Hygiene Station of the City of Prague currently valid, lectures take place only online.

At the moment clinical or practical teaching of medical students is still allowed, by maintaining strict hygiene measures.

Schedule: final version will be available in the first week of January 2021 at https://kpdpm.lf1.cuni.cz/en/sylla

Usually lectures take place on line 8-9:45, practical education in person 10-12:30, everyday program.

Credits will be given at the end of the course, after passing the test (in person, students divided into smaller groups according to epidemic situation). Credit-test questions will be available at the web - in progress

Examinations will take place in person

For further information please see web of the faculty and SIS!

Audio based Power-point presentation will be available at the e-learning portal of Charles University (e-learning.lf1.cuni.cz)

All online classes will use faculty-supported communication and teaching platforms MS Teams and Moodle. Participation in online seminars remains compulsory.

Practical instruction (simulation teaching, etc.) is limited to 10-20 persons being present in one room.

During all practical instruction and seminars, preventive measures must be followed (nose and mouth covering, disinfection of hands and work surfaces).

In case a student cannot, due to objective and serious reasons, participate in practical instruction (reasons are to be evaluated by subject guarantor), the student must make an arrangement for compensating for the instruction missed


current status:


From Monday, March 1, the COVID-19 traffic light will turn red - lectures and seminars take place only remotely. The guarantor of the course decides on the form of practical laboratory and clinical teaching; Students must sign an affidavit upon arrival in full-time education that they did not have risky contact.

Theoretical teaching (lectures) takes place only remotely. Clinical and practical training continues in a limited number of people, unless the head of the department decides otherwise. The tests are performed in a limited mode.

From 1st of July was our department re-named for:

Klinika pediatrie a dědičných poruch metabolismu (KPDPM)
Department of Paediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders